Graphic Design

Graphic design services for invitations, menus, business cards, posters, flyers

We create graphic design* for business cards, invitations, posters, flyers, brochures, etc. Since we want each product to be unique and tailored to the client's wishes and requirements, we do not provide a template, but are in daily contact with the client to ensure the best result. For this reason, the price is calculated according to time and your needs.
Therefore, please contact us by email to discuss what the expected product should be.

As a guideline, here is a list of some minimum prices that we charge:

  • Business cards - from CHF 150.-
  • Flyers - from CHF 99.- per page
  • Invitations - from CHF 175.-
  • Text writing and editing without proofreading - CHF 20.- per page (word document, TNR, 12, single spacing)
  • Text writing and editing with proofreading - CHF 30.- per page (word document, TNR, 12, single spacing)
  • Brochure - from CHF 70.- per page
  • Menus - from CHF 60.- page

*Graphic design does not include printing. However, we can advise you on the materials to be printed. You will receive the final product in electronic form.

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